I had the first life drawing class that I actually enjoyed in aggges yesterday
I think black and white drawings of the same man in the same position were wearing a little thin but yesterday the paint appeared!

just cadmium red, cadmium yellow, ultramarine blue n white acrylic, approximately an hour and no pencils allowed.


his face is naturally that stern looking, I swear xD


It didn’t end up anywhere near finished but still xD I was pretty chuffed (especially with the forehead) and it’d been so long since I did any painting.

I’d almost forgotten about all this malarkey cut I thought just as well to catalogue it with all my other rolling programme work- just to prove I did manage to develop the milk bottle accident a little further xD

For my fortnight of 3d design I tried to continue with the themes I’d looked at in fashion; gender, expectations and the politics of gaze


everyone’s project began with a heap of paper maquettes. These were the ones of mine that looked vaguely interesting.


Thinking of Frank Gehry’s unusual archietchute then warping and manipulating curves into plastic


continuing the idea of fragmentation from my fashion work and inspired by Bert Simon’s awesome paper portraits and the some of Shlian-the-paper-wizard’s 3d collages.

Having discovered the beautiful paper bodies of Vally Nomidou, I tried to emulate the texture with which she creates a pale skin tone with collage, ink, paints and wax



later fragmenting it into triangles (which can symbolise both power and instability)  to tessellate and assemble into new shapes and allow the side by side depiction of the yonic and phallic.



One of my final experiments was the accidental pelvis from  manipulated plastic which I layered the skin on using photoshop.


I ended with a Cornell and Greer inspired assemblage filled with symbols of gender expectations, plastic pearls (hollow, artificial versions of those symbols of femeninity, fertility and value) razor blades (with their lovely associations with both the cosmetic and self-mutilation, also linking to the expectations of both genders and their hair) and a couple of pyramids, forms which convey power, flimsy constructed from fragmented skins.  One accidentally took the form of the illuminati symbol ( I playfully kept it because I thought the idea of conspiracy, power and helplessness was sort of in keeping with the rest of the impedimenta) when I placed an eye-like jewellery charm at its peak; beauty is demanded in the eye of the beholder.

Glad it’s all out of the way now anyway xD

It’s New Year’s eve, which according to my brother means that it is a time for deep contemplation. He tells me we should think about both past and future, celebrating the good and learning how to change the bad and crossing our fingers that next time round it’ll be a little better.

In the face of this apparently, profound need to review our own live’s etc. I have been musing upon that question that has plagued mankind for generations ‘what would I look like as a lego character?’


pretty hardcore ain’t I.
Got a big ol’ robot.
n a laser.
n like, giant lego trainers.
This is the life.

3D design started on Monday.
I suck at it
that extra dimension to think about really blows my mind.

Still, experimenting with a heat gun and a milk bottle.. I was trying to make an hour glass shape but it melted straight through.. so I chopped off any nice looking pieces and then, just laying them out for a photo I realised this


there was a creature in my milk the whole time.

Textiles started last week and for this project we were advised to develop work from a previous area and consider possible textiles outcomes.  As I’m hoping to specialise in fine art, I set about revisiting ‘memory’; the given topic from that fortnight.

I looked back at my previous fine art pieces, photocopying, transferring, bondawebbing and stitching into them


Creating surfaces like these is a process I really enjoy, and so I continued this practice, attempting to use more fabric based techniques, inspired by artists like Amanda McCavour, Maggie Ayres and Anselm Kiefer.

img123  Untitled


By chance I discovered the work of the  Milanese artist, Lorenzo Perrone, in a journal.  Inspired by his symbolic use of white and the themes of suppression and absence reflected in his work I began incorporating impasto coverings of white paint over my surfaces, and also adapting the shapes of my pieces so that the blank background became a part of the piece, reflecting either the clarity of the initial memory (against the confused, distorted colourful surface) or its fading and absence.

one of my favourite experiments

one of my favourite experiments

sdfghj  gg


As a big fan of the assemblages of artists like Richard Haymes and Joseph Cornell, I decided to attempt to demonstrate the notion of Memory as storage (one of Reber (1985)’s definitions) by bottling up these surfaces.


inspired by christo's revelation throughconcealment

inspired by christo’s revelation throughconcealment

These bottles were altered by hand, but Photoshop proved far move practical, if a little tricky

dryfelt  nice

Juxtaposing diptych

juxtaposing diptych

and then a final piece created as a series (inspired by Duane Michals and Frederick Bartlett\’s student’s drawings) to demonstrate the process of memory loss

memory shelf

Memory Shelf

Well, i lost marks due to the fact my project didn’t end up all that textiley with regards to its outcomes, but still- pretty chuffed (: